Returnable Containers:

Curtis Industrial Services Inc. (CIS) is a Certified (MMBDC) Minority owned and ISO 9001-2000 Certified Returnable Container Repair and Warehousing Facility.

We celebrate over 17 years of service to the automotive industry, and pride ourselves in the quality repair services that we provide.

The conversion from wood and corrugated packaging, to reusable plastic and returnable containers, has provided world class companies significant financial and operational time savings.

To further maximize your reusable packaging investment, CIS provides the expertise and analysis to ensure an efficient and cost effective way of maintaining your ROI with the repair services we provide. We have the ability to service and repair your containers that are up to 70 % damaged.
At CIS, we understand that returnable packaging is a valuable corporate asset. CIS is committed to providing value added support programs for all returnable packaging products. We provide cannibalized repairs as well as cut and weld services. In most cases, we can provide these services at less than 20% the cost of a new Container Purchase.

Broken Walls, Broken latches, Cracked or Broken Bases, Malfunctioning Hinges, Broken Doors, Plac Card replacement, Warehousing or additional space needed, Program changes and Inserts need converting or modification, Freight and Logistic Services required?

CIS will provide you with a cost competitive quote and do the work. Allow us to provide these services to free up your production time and provide valued added services to your supply chain.

Curtis Industrial Services Inc. offers the following benefits for value added supply chain processes:
1. Vendor Management Inventory and 3rd Party Warehousing
2. Container Repairing and Washing Services 
3. Tote Repairing, Modifications, and Cleaning/Degreasing services
4. Broke Bin Repairs 5. Inventory and Logistic Management

Include in these services:
 Sequence all inbound parts into returnable containers.
 Save valuable floor space for production needs…not warehousing.
 Return damaged containers back to the system for less than replacement.
 Provide inspection and repair evaluations.
 Scrap parts and Recycle (Granulation).
 New and used parts replacement.
 Repair all types of Plastic Returnable Containers (Ropak, Orbis, Buckhorn, XYTECH etc).
 Outside 3000 PSI power washing (included as part of the repair).
 On-hand inventory of used replacement parts (included as part of the repair).
 Develop a quick turnaround program for your business.

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